7 Reasons you should work with us

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Booking with a reputable tour operator brings a number of important benefits that may not be immediately obvious, so we highlight 7 reasons why you should consider working with the Afritrek Holidays.

1. We always get a better price than you can source direct.
If we couldn't, there would be no market for us.

2. We listen to your needs.
We know that everyone has different needs and preferences for their perfect holiday. We never sell what we haven't seen and if it isn't right for you, we won't recommend it!

3. We're here to help when things go wrong.
We believe the real value of a tour operator is evident when there's a crisis. Our 24-hour emergency team provide round the clock assistance and a genuine fast track to getting problems solved, which means that you're not just at the mercy of the 'customer service' desk at the airport!

4. We have a team of true travel experts
Actually, 'experts' is too vague a term for people who live and breathe these amazing destinations! These people have spent years falling in love with travel before turning their passion into their profession; meaning they can make personal recommendations, provide first-hand insight and offer top tips.

5. We explain when an offer is really an 'offer'.
Each destination can have dozens of offers – some combinable, some tactical, and some year-round. We know the difference and will always find you our best price.

6. We offer added value.
Because of our strong relationships with luxury lodges and camps, we make sure you benefit from the best available rooms on check-in and where available, exclusive added value offers that you may not get by booking direct with the hotel.

7. We offer true flexibility.
We are an independent business, so we can do things that other, larger operators can't, or often won't. So if you need to make changes to your booking, we'll move heaven and earth to help you.

Start planning your trip

How we create your itinerary

1Whatever planning stage you are at, contact us and tell us about your trip

2 We will create a bespoke itinerary based on your specific requirements

3 We will refine your itinerary until you are bursting with excitement about it

4 Travel with us safe in the knowledge you are fully supported and financially protected

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