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Kuro Tarangire Camp

Kuro Tarangire offers a really wild experience whilst never compromising on comfort or guiding. The pace is very much that of the bush, and you really feel yourself sink into the natural harmonies of this wild part of Northern Tanzania. The footprint is very light, and days are spent watching the wildlife meander in and around camp from your own comfy verandah.

Kuro Tarangire is located within Tarangire National Park on the banks of the Tarangire River. This region is known for its buffalo and elephant herds, numerous lion prides, and over 550 bird species. The river attracts wildlife as it sweeps across the region and the nearby Silale Swamp is particularly popular amongst the elephants. Game viewing here can be done from your doorstep or on game drives, night drives, and bush walks.

Lodge Highlights

When to go
All Year Round
From $750 pp All Inclusive
Impressive Tarangire Wildlife and Birdlife
Ideal Stay
Minimum 5 Nights

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Stay at Kuro Tarangire Camp

Accommodation here is in 6 luxury safari tents with en-suite bucket showers and eco flush toilets. Nestled among trees with views across the Tarangire, you truly feel connected with your surroundings. Decor is very natural with lots of wood, hides, earth tones, and African textiles. Only accommodating 12 guests, Kuro is very intimate where the guests all eat together and share their stories from the day's activities. The staff is welcoming and accommodating and the food is incredible!

Opened in 2014, this is one of Tanzania’s newest camps and a classic Nomad safari experience. Tucked away in a secluded area of the park, this is a good option for those wanting Nomad’s tried and tested combination of luxury, environmental awareness and great guiding.

Isolation is the draw of both Tarangire and Kuro. It is a beautiful park with relatively few visitors, very few of whom stay long enough to get to the south-central region, where the few permanent lodges are. Kuro has been designed to maintain this sense of isolation and wilderness, a must on any Tanzania safari. The main area blends well into its surroundings and there are only 6 stylish and comfortable tents, meaning you share this beautiful place with very few others.


Accommodation at Kuro Tarangire Camp

The main area of the camp is a large, airy wooden-and-thatch structure with a lounge to one side and dining area to the other. A shaded veranda, that runs the full length of the room and overlooks the lightly wooded surroundings, provides a lovely spot to relax on a director's chair. On a previous visit we were lucky enough to enjoy lunch here while observing a large herd of elephants grazing just in front of us. The camp tells us that this outlook is one the elephants especially like to visit all year round!

The décor is typical of Nomad camps – very much in keeping with its surroundings but with thoughtful, stylish touches throughout. Heavy, rustic wooden furniture is offset with leather, sheepskin, cowhides and earthy brown and red tones. There is plenty of comfortable seating and a small selection of books, games and curios. The lounge and dining areas are separated by a couple of wooden partitions and the bar.

Kuro Tarangire's six tented rooms are spread out in a line, with three located either side of the main area, and far enough apart to feel private and secluded. There is one family unit, which comprises two interconnecting rooms, sleeping up to five people.

The Experience

Experience Kuro Tarangire Camp

The camp is designed, like all Nomad camps, to leave as small an environmental footprint as possible. The tents are decorated in classic neutral safari colours while the main area has a thatched grass roof. Each tent is ensuite with bucket shower and eco-flush toilet.

Kuro has performed incredibly well as we had expected. Run by Nomad, who have some of the top lodges in Tanzania and Kuro is the only rival to Oliver’s in this lovely area of Tarangire. The other speciality available in Tarangire is the night drive. It shows you a completely different Africa to the one you see by day and should not be missed.

Kuro Tarangire is situated in a very pretty part of the park, with conveniently quick access from Kuro Airstrip, and plenty of wildlife to be seen en route, which is not always the case in drier parts of the park. From the main Tarangire gate it is around 1.5–2 hours' drive to the camp, depending on what you see en route. During our most recent visit in October 2018, we saw a lot of wildlife on this drive including elephant, giraffe, zebra, buffalo and wildebeest.


Things to do at Kuro Tarangire Camp

  • Day Game Drives: Our guides drive you out into big country. This means waiting as elephant families cross the track, slowly weaving along riverbanks looking for lions, watching leopard asleep in giant baobabs, and scanning the great swathes of elephant grass for big herds of buffalo. There’s nothing small about these days.
  • Night Game Drives: As a special Nomad treat, we can drive after sunset and uncover the night creatures of the park. Often the first sign that something is out there, is a pair of eyes shining in the dark; it could be anything: a porcupine, a zorilla, a hyena loping home. This time too is when you learn how quietly an elephant treads.
  • Bush Walks: A striking quality of the African bush is the soundtrack: a cacophony of trills, hoots, snorts and rumbles; this amplifies when walking quietly through the bush, in the hope of seeing game up close. We’ve special permission to walk in this park, a total privilege for those seeking a greater connection with the wild.
  • Game Watching: We’re in such a sweet spot here, that you don’t really have to do anything but wander out of your tent for full-on wildlife. Being on a game corridor, not far from the river, we are besieged by animals - elephant, antelopes, buffalo - and birds. All seem to feel the camp is their backyard, not ours (to be fair, they’re right).

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